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Level Physical Therapy is a proud supporter of NM Athletics and

Sports Performance

Level PT manages the care of athletes who have suffered a sports related injury. This process begins with acute care management on the playing field. Some athletes will be referred to a sports medicine physician and may need to be referred to physical therapy for rehabilitation. Level Physical Therapy's licensed sports physical therapists/athletic trainers specialize in helping athletes return to their sport in a safe, effective and efficient manner.

  • Athletic Training
  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation
  • Manual Therapy
  • Exercise Therapy
  • Flexibility Training
  • Return to Sport Testing
  • Injury Prevention


-Improve functional fitness & athletic performance

-Establish a starting point and realistic goals

-Create a completely personalized fitness plan

-Identify dangerous weaknesses BEFORE injury occurs

-Identify and resolve movement problems

-Build lasting fitness instead of temporary ability

-Measure and establish a record of progress

$100.00 Call for Group pricing

FMS  - Functional Movement Screen

It hurts now.  But one day it will be your warmup.